Ice Climbing Ecrins (GB)

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ICE Cimbing Ecrins

8th to 10th january 2010


The earth is in danger. Man and what he does are as well. The questions concerning the environment are ever more present in our consciences

Citizens or climbers..The ice falls are melting but the climbers will react

L'ICE 2010 will confirm it's commitment to this end ecologique with it's actions both voluntary and real which will confirm our determination to continue what we have started in 2009.

We have to be aware of the questions environmental but also we have to react. Mountaineering and ice fall climbing are not the consumables of day to day life. Education, understanding, apprenticeship, safety of oneself and others   

   . The Ecological way forward !  ..................


We have with us the associationMountain Rider for a second year. Our aim is to help us to educate everyone in how to live with more respect for the environment and then for them to carry this out in every day life.


We will have an information sheet specifically for climbers available to participants, and many different operations are in place for the five days of the festival, all targeting environmental issues, amongst them selective sorting of waste, all packaging will be biodegradable, and a system of care sharing.  


Moreover the theme of the meet, a meeting place for ice climbers from all over the world (22 nationalities in 2009), will stay;

..  resolutely directed at safety, taking into account the dangerous environment into which the climber enters, the understanding of the terrain, and the knowledge of the ice itself. To this end the FFCAM will collaborate closely with us to propose workshops "ICE TRIP" especially for youngsters and with instruction from professionals and experienced climbers.

..  without doubt the festival of ice climbing, with equipment available which will enable everyone, of all abilities, to come and find at Icexpo direct from our partners replies to questions on : the new equipment , techniques, venues, and of course meeting and discussing with others new ideas.

And of course to close this years event the pots will full with good food for the last night bivouac, an occasion in a place to share with everyone your feelings for the mountains

  Evening « into the wild »  waited for by all